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We offer some of best Dallas pest control and treatment in the area. No matter how, when or where you home is constructed, you can be the victim of them. Did you know that each year, they cause over $2 billion in damage by chomping away at homes? They are skilled at keeping their presence a secret and you may not even realize that they have invaded your home until it is too late. As shown in the picture below, they can do significant damage if undetected. Let us handle this problems.

Once they have discovered your house, they will search it for food – wood fiber. They are able to squeeze through the smallest cracks in your house. Once they’re in, they’ll start to eat away and can cause silent damage. There are a number of things we can do to prevent them from ever entering your home, such as drilling slab joints between slabs and placing chemical barriers around your foundation.

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How to Detect These?

One common way to discover them is to notice their fecal matter. This is similar to many pests and rodents. You may not even know they’re there until you notice their excrement. Their fecal matter is in thin, tiny strips, and is rounded at the ends. If you notice this type of fecal matter in your home, particularly around rood, then you probably have this problem.

Another way to detect them is from their mud tubes or kick-out holes. If you notice holes in your wood with particles at the top, or what appear to be mud tubs, then you should call a exterminator professional immediately. Also, if you notice peeling paint or other wood damage, then you’ll definitely want a pest inspector to come out.

Reliable and Effective Plans

If you suspect that they have entered your home you should call us immediately so we can apply our Go Dallas Termite Control solutions. Each day that you let pass is more damage that they are going to cause. Call us to schedule a hassle-free appointment today to get control of your problem.

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