Mosquitoes are the cause of more human deaths than any other pest. If you combine this with the fact that they are we have here in Dallas are better adapting to breeding in cities, then you can see why we’re concerned.

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Even though exterminators can significantly impact the number of mosquitoes in a specific area, it is not feasible to completely remove the threat of them. With our mosquito control services, it is our goal to reduce the them in your vicinity by 75%. We know that our customers would like to get rid of their threat completely, but that’s not something that a pest control company can provide.

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After you call one of our exterminators we’ll come to inspect your home or business. During the inspection we will work to identify the type of mosquito and the source. We will work to control the their population at both the larva and the adult levels. If you’re worried about the their population near your home or business then you need to call Go Dallas Pest Control as soon as possible at (214) 838-0067.


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There is not a single individual who desires them taking over their home. Go Dallas Pest Control can help you with treatment for the Dallas and surrounding region. There are lots of ant problems you could be dealing with because they are issues in the city have taken on lots of forms.

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Before you make a decision on just any pest control company to treat your ant issue call us to find out what we can do and learn about our guarantee.

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We offers pest services to assist with ticks.

They are little arachnids that are feeding parasites. Ticks feed on birds and occasionally amphibians. They are vectors of many diseases including Lyme disease, Q fever, and many other diseases. Their eggs can be contaminated at birth causing instant contamination of their host.

Regrettably, their bites are usually pain-free, which means they may be tough to detect. You might not even know when a tick is feeding on you. Most individuals will not produce signs and symptoms from the their bite. But this doesn’t imply that they aren’t spreading disease.

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