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If you have lived in Dallas for any period of time, you’re probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of a pest removal specialist. Go Dallas Pest Control has these removal specialists who enjoy protecting your residence, family, pets, or clients from the harms of stinging insects.

Our staff works through the entire Dallas, Texas area to remove all types of pest and other stinging insects. Our stinging insect experts are experienced with removing them. We will remove the existing threat, as well as work to prevent the stinging insects from returning. Our experts will also clean-up the mess that they often leave behind. This usually involves removing any nests and waste materials that is left behind.

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Below is a set of items to consider when attempting to eradicate a bee problem:

1. They will mind their own business as long as they are not disturbed. If you find a nest or swam of these, just back away and do not disturb them. Be cautious about Africanized type because they do not necessarily need to be provoked to attack. These insects tend to be more hostile.

2. Whenever you remove any stinging insect away from your home or business, you must also have the nest and any other left overs removed or the insect will come back. When obtaining rates, make certain that the businesses include this service within their quote or it may wind up costing you a lot more than you anticipated.

3. When our specialists go to your home, they’ll ensure that there are no openings in the house, such as holes in the walls or gaps in your roof top, that they can use to go in your home. It is always our first priority to see that your family and pets are protected.

4. Do not be deceived by the these insecticides sold in stores. These items are just temporary solutions plus they won’t dispose of the beehive. Spraying them is only going to annoy them and send them into attack mode. Their removal is best left to specialists.

5. When you notice a nest or swarm, you should never approach it. Africanized may look just like honey, but they’re considerably more aggressive. We have had customers get stung in excess of thirty times simply because they attempted to remove a hive with a broom. We simply cannot emphasize this enough: Avoid beehives. Their attacks could be fatal to people.

As opposed to some other pest control companies, we don’t just send out our everyday pest control technicians to manage a job. Our pest removal specialists are truly passionate about safeguarding the families and take their work seriously. Chances are, if you’ve seen several of them around your house or office, then you probably have a swarm or nest in the area. A single nest of them will contain 1000s of them! I know we do not have to inform you how dangerous it really is to possess a their nest near your house.

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If you feel they have constructed a nest near your house or you want us to clear out a swarm that’s staying around, give our experts a phone call. Don’t fret, do not be forced to pay any kind of inspection fee. After you contact us we’ll ask you details about your problem so that we can present you with an estimate right over the phone.

We provide you with flat-rates to ensure you know exactly how much it’s going to cost. We even guarantee our work, so that you know it will be done correctly. Call (214) 838-0067 today so we can show you how we’ll earn your business.

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