Bed Bugs

dallas bed bugs
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Right here at Go Dallas Pest Control, we are proud of guarding the residents of Dallas from bed bugs. Recently, we’ve seen a substantial rise in the quantity of this problems in the Dallas, Texas area. No one knows for certain why there’s a surge of them in Dallas, but it’s likely caused by more and more people buying used furniture from Craigslist and unintentionally bringing these into their home.

Don’t get be bitten while sleeping

The idea of having them in your home will probably strike an unpleasant feeling. They will make their presence known in a way that makes it impossible to ignore them. They feed on humans when they’re sleeping. They do this by piercing the skin with a stylet (basically, a long part of its mouth). It sounds disgusting, but the bed bug will use this stylet to saw through the tissue to find blood vessels. It will then suck blood for about five minutes before returning to its hiding place. This area where they fed will often swell up and itch a great deal.

It’s not unusual to not spot the bed bugs themselves.

Not only are they nocturnal, but they’re also small and very adept at hiding in small areas. Most of the people do not realize they have a problem until they wake up with tons of little bites on their body. If you start noticing little fecal spots or blood smudges on your bedsheets, then you’ve likely been infested with them you should call us immediately. Once you think it is possible that you could have bed bugs you should not sleep in your home until it’s been treated.

If you suspect you might have this infestation, Go Dallas Pest Control & Exterminators can treat all your pest problems and provide the treatment you need! Not all bed bug treatments are the same, so contact us at (214) 838-0067 today to have our pest  experts come out to your home.